HCV 20×20 Resource Guide for Increasing HCV Screening and Linkage to Care

Learn more about model practices for increasing HCV screening and linkage to care in a variety of practice settings.

HCV Universal Screening Guidelines Webinar

This recording of a presentation by CDC’s Dr. Sarah Schillie explores CDC’s newest HCV screening recommendations.

Realizing the Cure: HCV Testing and Treatment Models for Key Populations

Access recording from the SYNChronicity 2020 conference examining how different testing and treatment models can benefit key populations impacted by HCV infection.

SYNCing Services to End the Epidemics: Lessons Learned from Integrated HIV and HCV Initiatives in the Southern United States

This presentation from the SYNChronicity 2020 conference examines key takeaways from HIV and HCV service integration initiatives in the South.

Optimizing HCV Screening, Linkage to Care, and Treatment for Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Patients

Access recording from the SYNChronicity 2020 conference examining HCV care models among incarcerated populations.

Opioids and Hepatitis C

This presentation from the SYNChronicity conference examines the effects of Opioid use on HCV.

The Circle Model Program

Presented at the SYNChronicity Conference, developed by the Hepatitis C Mentoring and Support Group (HCMSG).

Buprenorphine Implementation for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment

The Implementing Transmucosal Buprenorphine for Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder best practice document was designed to fill information gaps and provide guidance.

State and Local Movement Towards Hepatitis Elimination

Presented at the SYNChronicity Conference.

HCV Microelimination in San Francisco

This presentation examines the development of a microelimination plan.

Navigating HCV Care in the Department of Veterans Affairs

Presented at the SYNChronicity Conference by the Hepatic Innovation Team Collaborative Leadership Team of the Veterans Health Administration.

AIDSVu and HepVu: Visualizing HIV and HCV To End The Epidemics

Presented at the SYNChronicity Conference.

Implementing Routine HCV Testing Along the United States–Mexico Border

Presented at the SYNChronicity Conference.

Universal HCV Birth-Cohort Screening

Lessons Learned in an Urban Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) Network.

Addressing HCV Treatment Barriers in an FQHC

Presented at the SYNChronicity Conference.

HCV Among Men Who Have Sex with Men

Key strategies for overcoming barriers to HCV elimination among the MSM community.

Medical Case Management Models for HCV

Whole person care for PWID.

HCV Treatment Access for People Who Use Drugs

HCV elimination will require going beyond the walls of the clinic.

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